Blog Updates #3

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Around a month ago, before I started the second year of my psychology degree at university, I was going through tough circumstances and along with an actual schedule, unlike my summer holidays where I had not much of a routine, I decided to change the days of my blogging and also the frequency to which I would publish my posts.

However, the schedule that I created for myself, which was to post on Wednesdays and Saturdays turned out to be less than ideal. Firstly, because I draft and complete my blog posts the day before, so for the Wednesday post this would on a Tuesday where I have the most amount of lectures and work (a bad idea, trust me I know). And also because cutting from down from three posts to two affected my views and I wasn’t as engaged or creating as much content as I wanted to.

Personally, I believe I have potential and having this little corner of the internet which I can call my own and having the ability to create whatever I wish means a lot to me. Through the development of my blog and myself as a person, I want this part of me to carry on in the long-term to the point where I’m able to post a lot more regularly, perhaps become self-hosted and even make a career out of this, (that’s honestly how passionate I am about this and how much I want to create content). 

As a result, and after some reflection I’ve decided to change my posting schedule from Wednesdays and Saturdays to Mondays, Thursday and Saturdays, reverting back to my original summer schedule. As per usual, my #BEABOSS series will continue to be posted every Saturday with other posts in between. Another series that I will be starting very soon will be more about my personal life and my journey in terms of mental health, sadly I haven’t thought of a catchy name just yet!!  



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