How to be Productive!! #BEABOSS SERIES

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The focus of this weeks #BEABOSS blog post will be on productivity along with useful tips that will help you STOP procrastinating and GET THINGS DONE!! This is such a critical aspect of our daily lives and applies to many disciplines, whether you’re in school, college, university, or even at work, procrastination can really prevent you from doing what needs to be done.

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However, procrastination, in my opinion, is more of a mask, it’s something that’s a subset of another wider and more general issue. There are multiple reasons as to why we procrastinate, it could be that we just don’t want to complete the task at hand which shows a lack of passion as we’d rather be doing something else. Yet, the most common way procrastination can arise is through fear, whether this is fear of failure, the fear of the unknown or the fear of taking risks especially when we don’t know what the outcomes will be. Fear is a key component that can keep you from reaching your dreams, or delaying or perhaps even preventing you from reaching the goals that you want to achieve.

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Fortunately, there are techniques that are available that can help you beat procrastination, yet to actually implement them you have to have that change in mindset, that inner feeling that wants to progress towards self-development.

The easiest and potentially simplest way to beat procrastination is to take action, yet this usually is, in my opinion, the hardest step to take, so how is this actually possible? how can this cycle of procrastination end? 

The best way to take action is to physically look at the work, put it in front of you and ask yourself, what is the smallest step I can take towards reaching my goal? This is especially effective when you’re faced with a huge task because by breaking it down into subgoals, you make the process of working towards the goal much easier and more manageable. 

Another step towards taking action is to set deadlines, by giving yourself restrictions and time limits, such as working on a specific task for just an hour in the day, the momentum and the flow has been built making it easier to continue. The actual goal in this step is to reach the state of flow, where you’re working at the optimum level possible.

This next step may not be work for everyone, but the least you can do is give it a try, and this is to use music to set the atmosphere, finding playlists that help you focus, whether this is simply background music or white noise, for example, can help you get into the state of flow faster and perhaps even more easily. This can also be combined with taking a few moments to tidy your work area and bringing healthy snacks and water.   

The final tip that I have is to declutter or destress your mind, sometimes working on specific tasks can become difficult because our minds are distracted or worried about certain things, if there are important things you don’t want to forget before you start working, write them down either by hand or type them up as a note on your phone so you can come back to it later. Two other ways that can help clear your mind and get rid of anxious feelings are meditating and journaling, both of which I’ve spoken about extensively on my blog already.

Another aspect of procrastination that is important to mention is the idea of pursuing perfectionism, at times when we work our goals become distorted, for example, instead completing the task within the time limit to the best of our ability, we falter and try to ‘perfect’ the task meaning it takes us longer than necessary and can even prevent us from starting the task in the first place. (Since I’ve already written an entire post on perfectionism, I won’t delve too much into this here.)  

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