Summer Update #4

september 2019.jpg

This will be the last of the summer updates series, but because these posts did well and you as readers seemed to be interested (or maybe just nosy) in how my months went by, I’ll continue doing monthly updates. 

First of all, you’re probably thinking why on earth I’ve written a summer update in September when September clearly isn’t a summer month, especially If you live in much more colder climates like I do. The reason is that since I will be attending university (my second year), the new academic year doesn’t start for me until the end of September so technically speaking most of this month was in fact still a summer holiday for me. I say this with little emphasis, it didn’t feel like summer at all…


Just like the start of all the other months, I carried on journaling and had a bit of a break from reading books which is something I definitely didn’t agree to but had to be done since so many other stressful events were going on at the same time. Although I don’t journal as often as I used to back in July, it still serves as an extremely useful outlet for me to dump all my memories, events and emotions, something which I still underestimate.

As expected, I spent most of my days preparing for the new year, gathering up school supplies, figuring out how my spare time would revolve around my actual academic time. Luckily for me, my schedule is pretty empty at the moment and the assignments haven’t really started, unlike the reading which will end up piling up pretty soon. 


As a result of these new changes, I came up with a plan on posting schedules and a list of academic goals, some of which I’ve already started implementing and found that I’m much less worried about my academic life. My main readings have already been completed and reviewed and lectures were written up and annotated, I think I’m becoming my own #lifegoals at the moment. 

At this point, you’re probably thinking I have no life (which can be true sometimes) I did also manage to enjoy myself, which is another academic goal I’ve completed so far #proud. I was able to meet up with old friends on the first day of university, this mini-reunion was just amazing even though it was just walking through the many corridors of the university, being able to talk about our past lives was nostalgic and important to reflect on. Honestly, I needed this after hibernating for most of the start of the month!!


-Whenlifeawakens 🙂


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