Using the Law of Attraction #BEABOSS SERIES

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A few months ago I spoke of an important philosophical idea that I truly believe in, the Law of Attraction, I gave details on how I came across it and how, after quite some deep realisation I’d in some form or another believed in it my entire life. However, simply knowing the meaning or related ideas of the Law of Attraction, is, in some cases not enough to fully benefit from it in the best way possible.

For this week’s post in my #BEABOSS series, I will be explaining how an individual could use the Law of Attraction and also 2 common mistakes that occur when trying to use it.  

Mistake #1 

An important way a person can make their dreams a reality is through visualisation, the reason being that by being consciously aware of your goals you’re more likely to be practical and achieve them. Although this doesn’t happen in every case, and there are several other ways that can help bring the idea of success into your life, visualisation is a both a cost-free and effortless way to achieve this.

However, the Law of Attraction is more focused on ‘what’ you want to achieve, rather ‘how’ you can actually get there. In terms of the goals that you want to achieve this means being able to visualise the end goal, what things will be like once you’ve achieved said goal and perhaps even the type of person you’ll be. As always, having a purpose or a reason as to why this goal is important to you is crucial. 

Mistake #2

This is going to sound somewhat contradictory as I mentioned being able to visualise the end goal, but keeping your goal solely in the future is another downfall. The only possible way to practically achieve the goal is to be practical RIGHT NOW, without being able to manifest what you want to become at this moment, you can’t progress into the future. The future is not the same as the present, by pushing your goals further and further away from you, you’ll never be able to reach them.   

These 2 common mistakes mentioned are both linked to the idea of altering your mindset, by changing your point of view, which is an incredibly powerful skill to have, because with it you begin to notice many other inner changes as well.

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-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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