Change your Mindset!! #BEABOSS SERIES

So many people that I’ve encountered during my life want to reach success, they want to be able to achieve their goals, just like every single person who’s ever lived on earth. But as you’ve potentially already heard of, there are two types of an individual when it comes to chasing after your goals, these are the dreamers and the hard-workers.

Just by the category I’ve placed them in, you can already tell the difference between them, the difference between the people who do nothing but wish they could achieve their goals, without actually putting a solid plan into place, and the people who do nothing but plan and be practical when it comes to achieving their goals.

Despite their stark difference in being active, there’s another underlying difference between the two, and that is mindset. The dreamers have what we call a ‘fixed’ mindset, they do nothing active to try and achieve their goals because they believe their abilities are unchanging, that after failing once there isn’t a point in trying again. Just as the name suggests they are ‘fixed’ in one perceptual state. Whereas, the hard-workers have a ‘growth’ mindset, they believe challenges help them grow as individuals and in their abilities, and they see failure as an opportunity to try again and grow.

However, a person may not be completely one mindset, they could have a growth mindset regarding, for example, their intelligence yet have a more fixed mindset regarding their athletic ability or vice versa.

If through reflection you find yourself having a fixed mindset in more areas of your life rather than a growth mindset, there are ways to change this. This I believe is crucial, making the transition can have a huge impact, it can essentially make or break your life.

5 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset:

  1. Embrace your imperfections – understand that you do have weaknesses, it’s all part of being human but by actively confronting them you’ll be able to overcome them.
  2. Don’t shy away from challenges – they’re not put into place to show to how ‘bad’ you are, they’re there to enable you to grow and experience whatever life has to offer.
  3. Celebrate your growth – don’t put yourself down because you haven’t made enough progress, some progress is always better than no progress!!
  4. See criticism as positive – receiving what’s known as constructive criticism doesn’t always translate into immediate failure, just because you haven’t reached your goal ‘yet’ doesn’t mean you never will.
  5. Acknowledge your mindset – reflect on all the obstacles you’ve encountered throughout your life and know that there’s always a way to develop and improve your mindset.

It isn’t always easy to change your outlook on certain aspects of your life, especially if you’ve always thought in a particular way, one thing to remember though is that by taking the initiative to change your mindset you can take ownership of your life.

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-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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