Habits of Highly Sucessful People #3

Success to many people seems like an ideal that’s too good to be true, something utterly unattainable yet they’ll spend their whole lives trying to reach this goal. But what if I said, this apparent non-existent ideal can be reached, can be attained and most of all can be a part of your life.

However, if you’re not willing to work hard or to possibly make some sacrifices, then you can never truly achieve success, because success, to become successful isn’t and shouldn’t be a temporary goal. Success is a lifestyle, it’s perseverance and ultimately it’s working to the absolute best of your ability.

In my last two posts, I’ve mentioned 4 habits that a successful person practices and hence develops. And because success is a lifelong journey there are an infinite number of daily habits an individual can practice and implement. Remember, you will never regret reaching your goal, you will only regret giving up and not trying harder.

  1. Be practical, if you’re going to mention certain tips & tricks, just like I’m doing right now, there isn’t a point preaching if you yourself, don’t practice it. Talking about the theory as to why some things work is a stepping stone, but it should be left there, by living out the reality, by being practical you show the most important thing, actual results.
  2. Have an off switch, and I don’t mean whilst you’re working because that would get you nowhere. Instead, learn how to relax and take time out for yourself, this is crucial for better mental & physical health and proves an individual can be more productive in the long term.
  3. Set high standards, understand that to achieve success you need to work more efficiently and overall have a much better work ethic. Yet, this cannot be accomplished without having higher standards which will result in greater commitment and much better results.
  4. Treat yourself well, successful people understand the importance of having good physical health, without a strong healthy body there’s not much one can do and by pushing yourself when you’re not at your healthiest can have a huge negative impact.


-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Habits of Highly Sucessful People #3”

  1. Hey, just popped by from the community pool. I totally love how good your site looks. That’s a lot of content to choose from but I wanted to put my comment on here because this stood out particularly strong for me

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  2. Came by and wanted to check out your post and I’m glad I did. Thank you for this post. This really got me motivated to try harder in the future ~

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