100 Followers & Blogging Tips + Tricks #BEABOSS SERIES

Recently I’ve been inspired to write about the concepts of success, productivity, motivation, and how to become the best individual that you can possibly be. As cliche as it sounds, in order to lead a better, healthier lifestyle there are many things that we can implement into our lives to achieve this.

One of the ways that I’ve started to increase awareness about creating a better lifestyle for yourself is through a series called ‘The Habits of Highly Successful People.However, I felt like this wasn’t enough, there’s still so much more advice I’d like to give, advice that I feel like helped me become a better person, in myself and my habits.

As a result, I decided to create a new, regular series called #BEABOSS which will focus on practical and effective ways to reach success and will be posted every Saturday on my blog. The inspiration behind this came from the famous entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso who wrote a book titled #GIRLBOSS since then I decided to #BEABOSS and give tips & tricks on how you can become a boss too.

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The very first post in the #BEABOSS series will be me expressing my gratitude to all my wonderful followers as I’ve hit the first milestone of 100 followers, it seems surreal to me that there are 100 of you #bosses out there who read my work and support me. I remember feeling like this when I hit 50 followers and I hope that through my hard work, this number will increase.

To give back to the wonderful, supportive community I’ve come up with 4 blogging tips & tricks that helped me gain my following of over 100 in approximately a month:

Tip #1: Create quality content on a regular basis, notice here I didn’t say just create content because no matter what you write about, the important thing is that it has to mean something to you, it has to be a part of your passion. Posting on a regular basis will help your readers know when to expect new pieces of work and will force into a schedule and lead to blog growth.

Tip #2: Use tags appropriately, don’t use a million tags for the sake of it because most of them may not even link to your content and will just end up being a waste of time. Think of a few topics that link and stick to them. (An extra tip is to search ‘hot tags’ on WordPress and you’ll find out what people are most interested in reading at the current moment).

Tip #3: Be engaged, a good rule of thumb for bloggers to use the 80:20 rule, this means you spend 80% of your time on other blogging sites such as Community Pool on WordPress, or if you’re a newbie, try First Friday; and then spend 20% on your site. If you receive comments or likes, always reply back and engage with the individual. You never know, you might find your new favourite blog!!

Tip #4: Share, share and share again, use social media to post links to your blog, this can be made much easier by using the automated Sharing tool on WordPress, if the sites that you use aren’t there, then take the initiative to post them yourself. For example, Instagram is a platform I use for my blog and I have my site linked in my bio and the image and an excerpt posted every time I publish a post.

And last, but not least, enjoy the process of blogging, use your passion to create whatever it is you wish to create and proudly show it to the world, you’ll always find bloggers who are interested in your work.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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12 thoughts on “100 Followers & Blogging Tips + Tricks #BEABOSS SERIES”

  1. Congratulations on 100 followers! I love the idea of your #BEABOSS series and will definitely follow for updates. Thank you for your tips. I am finding that the 80:20 rule works especially well. I try to comment on each blog post I read (unless I absolutely feel like it wasted my time, which does not happen often) that way I’m interacting with what others are producing. My next step will be to try and adhere to a schedule.

    Thanks again for sharing your tips! x

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