Our Meaning in Life

Life is meant to have flaws, to have its own kind of imperfections, because without them we’d be living in a perfect world. As amazing as it sounds, living in a perfect world is no way near what we as humans need, we need the imperfections to learn, to grow, and to teach us purpose.

Just like the lives we live in, we as humans, also have our imperfections, we have our own kind of flaws, yet we choose to see the beauty in others. This is a mentality we should implement in our lives, to see the positive instead of the negative, the beauty instead of the ugly.


How does this relate to finding the meaning of life? well, when thinking about the meaning our life holds, we need to detach from the materialistic world and objects that don’t truly bring us fulfilment. And instead, we should look to the foundations of life, the concept of love, and of natural, wholesome beauty. If you stop and take a moment you’ll realise that we are surrounded by beauty, there’s beauty in nature, in art, in music, in literature, in culture, and of course, in life.

The concept of having ‘meaning in life’ is about creating a life for yourself that is unique and beautiful to the point where you feel like it is worth living for. To have certain special moments whether it’s with people in relationships, career wise, or just the little things in life.

So where can you get ‘meaning’ from? I’ve previously mentioned many things that give our lives meaning but because of the complexities and intricacies of life, there’s always more to be found.

We can get meaning from the things we love to do, our hobbies and our passions, but also from giving back to society, in the different ways that we can. That warm feeling that you get by giving back to someone helps us find meaning in our relationships. By helping others you, in turn, help yourself.

This is the reason as to why I love what I do, I love creativity and sharing my thoughts on perspectives, on deeper spiritual issues, I know that somewhere in the world I’ve helped someone think differently or have opened their eyes to a new concept.So if you ever feel like your life has no purpose or no meaning, think about what the idea of meaning means to you, how you can give your life meaning and what truly matters to you deep down inside.


-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Our Meaning in Life”

  1. Lovely sentiments. I like how spiritual and pure your thoughts on life are. However I have a tendency to feel that the arts and creative outlets may get indulgent to a point where the meaning gets obscured. We live in a culture of individual exceptionalism which may become very corrupting on such idealistic sentiments such as nature, beauty, poetry and art. Sometimes one can get unconsciously wrapped up in their own idealistic morals and values.

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  2. I like how you highlighted ” to see the positive instead of the negative, the beauty instead of the ugly. to many times our focus is on negative stuff which can really break a friendship/ relationship

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