Losing the Spark


Losing the inner spark that an individual has can truly be an upsetting moment. In my opinion, it’s a topic that’s not spoken about enough and can be relatable, especially to other creators, such as myself.

It definitely is a scary thought, and the whole idea was inspired Cecelia Ahern’s ‘One Thousand Names’ although the story has not yet come to an end, it definitely helped me cope with the idea of losing a very powerful ability.

Sometimes there’s isn’t a perfectly good reason, sometimes it’s about change, we all go through monumental life changes, we experience all types of happiness, of loss, of sorrow, and most of all types of changes in who we fundamentally are, deep down inside.

Losing the spark is one of the things I’m very much afraid of, as a blogger. As of right now, I’m proud and of course, happy that my content continues to inspire and motivate, but one if one day I lose it? What if I lose my ability to write and most of all, to create?

Yet at the same time, losing the inner spark may be something that occurs temporarily, we all go through patches, I’ve been through many ever since I started blogging and I always try to vibe with it. I try to learn new things, experience whatever the world has to offer me and then come back to a fresh start with even better ideas.

However one thing I will always try to avoid is mindlessly posting, just to have a schedule, I vow to never post anything that doesn’t at least inspire or make another person think. I never want my thoughts to be replaced by mindless robotic words that don’t flow or don’t have emotion. I am my words and my words are me.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Losing the Spark”

  1. It’s especially about creeativity, but not only. However as you mentioned, it’s good to leave it when is coming to force yourself to write anything, only to keep writing. Sometimes it’s good to let it go and take a break, do something else and one day it may come back.
    How are you today?

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  2. Love it. “I am my words and my words are me”. I can truly see you’ve experienced writer’s block or even a creative block. So very relatable. There’s a letter that one creative man sent to a friend at the time when his friend was having a creative block. You should read it. I have the letter at the bottom of my one blog post. Even if you just scroll down to the letter, cause that’s the important part.

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