Travel Update #2 P2

On Saturday morning, I arose from my slumber in a slightly disorientated yet excited way. This was the beginning of my long trip down south to Cornwall.

Day 3: After the tiredness of the first two days, we agreed to calm down a little and only travel to a few more destinations. Another favourite of mine was a historic castle, located just offshore on a little island, St. Michael’s Mount. Even from afar this place was a wonderful sight, the weather worn castle walls and the battlements were visible from a few miles away. The cobbled stone path that led to the castle itself was pretty in colour and shaped by the tide coming in.

The interior of the castle was surprisingly small, low ceilings, a cosy library, it looked a lot more homely than it did on the outside. The paintings of the original occupants were plenty with single and family portraits. I felt like an intruder learning little things about the history, yet at the same time proud, that I had the chance to visit such a place.



The next stop was Praa Sands, unlike the other beaches this was smaller and had multiple streams running down filled with all sorts of stones. Mesmerised by the beauty of these stones, I spent most of the time picking and analysing them under the bright summer sun.

Day 4: Alas, the journey was nearly at its end. The final full day of exploration had arrived since much of the time was spent outdoors in the sand, we decided to change things up a bit and go a little tropical. And, Trebah Gardens was perfect for this. Thousands of species of plants and flowers all gathered and grew in an outdoor area, so many vibrant colours and smells, (though it could be considered every hay fever sufferers nightmare). And to top it all off, at the end of the path was a little rocky beach and cafe.



Day 5: Leaving day, the trip finally came to an end. It was difficult to say goodbye to the picturesque landscape that shaped many of our memories over the past five days, but it had to be done. We had to plunge back into reality, though I will always hold these memories fondly in my heart for many years to come.


-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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