Summer Updates #2

Summer Update #2.jpg

July was such an incredible month for me, and of course, has turned out to be my favourite by far. I received so many wonderful opportunities which I’m proud to say, I embraced with open arms and I know there will be plenty more in the future.

The month of July started off with what ended in June, and by this I mean my increased exposure to spirituality and the desire to understand the complexities of life itself. As with a lot of my deeper thinking, this stemmed from reading books, and this particular book that sparked my interest was ‘The Zahir’ by Paulo Coelho.

This book frustrated me to no end yet I couldn’t put it down, the thoughts kept spiralling in my brain and I kept thinking and thinking until I physically couldn’t. He made me question everything from the definition of true freedom to the idea of fate and what it means to truly know yourself. I tried to offer my unique perspective on many of these issues and tried to answer what I believe to be questions that couldn’t be answered.

Another thing that happened quite often in July was meeting with friends, which I’m always open to, yet due to the busy lives that my friends and I lead, meetings don’t always happen as often as they used to. However, I’m proud to say I grew out my introverted shell and decided to meet with different people, never underestimate the power of talking to friends. 

Considering the fact that British summer time doesn’t last very long, it also meant that July was the perfect time to go on holiday and go on holiday I did, not once but twice. The first being a relaxing trip to Cattows Farm and the second, a five day trip to South England, Cornwall which again provided me with the perfect getaway from reality and to reset my body.

Another important thing that occurred in July was the opportunity I got to write with an American company, My Trending Stories who came across this blog of mine and were kind enough to offer me a chance to publish my articles. My life from this moment on became the busiest it had ever been, I wanted to grow my own personal blog yet I wanted to contribute to another site, could I balance it out? It was also around this time where I decided to reevaluate my idea of success, what did I truly want out of life?

It took me a good few weeks to understand what I was striving for and what it could for me as a person and the future. Unfortunately, I lost sight of the present moment and kept wanting more and more, never stopping. Then I had an epiphany, these moments won’t last very long and I should be present, I should be grateful for everything I have and continue to reflect.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂


9 thoughts on “Summer Updates #2”

    1. It was really hard at first but I try and post three times a week on this blog and once every two weeks with the company I work with. Now because blog is very important to me I make the time and think I do quite well at it.


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