Travel Update #2 P1

On Saturday morning, I arose from my slumber in a slightly disorientated yet excited way. This was the beginning of my long trip down south to Cornwall.

Day 1: Sleeping seemed to be the most difficult thing on the planet. My stomach was filled with butterflies, and, not the nice kind, but more the ones that fill you with dread and worry. We left the house and I shed a tear when saying goodbye to my beloved cat, Fizzy. This was it, the start of something new.

We arrived after a tedious 6.5 hours drive, why do roller coasters exist if going down narrow country roads gives you the same adrenaline rush? This I’ll never know the answer to. The caravan park was, to my surprise, a beautiful picturesque landscape, each had its own patch of grass and perfectly placed gravel for parking as well a lamp post to light up the night sky on evening walks.


Day 2: I thought the first day was an extremely long day, but as always my parents proved me wrong. Since driving was practically impossible, the main to get around was by foot, though I had no problem with this because the landscape was mesmerising and it easy to get lost in your thoughts.

The first stop was Kynance Cove, a hidden beach on the coast of England, this was my favourite place by far, there was something special about it, the way the waves crashed onto the shore and how your feet sunk into the warm sand.



The second stop was Lizard Point, this is the most southern part of England, the furthest that you could be. The beauty of the ocean hitting against the rocks was again, a stunning sight, the landscape curved with dips and never failed to impress, no matter which direction you were looking out from.


Finally, the third stop was Poldhu Beach, by this point I was pretty familiar with beaches, and yet again I was taken aback by the wonderful sight that lay ahead. Although there wasn’t as much sand, the rocks were beautiful to look at, they came in a blend of various colours with many different sizes. I couldn’t resist picking up a few stones as memorabilia from my visit.

(Part 2 coming soon)

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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      1. I haven’t noticed any animals living inside, but when you are going to some longer cave, which is situated at the bottom of the cliff, keep in mind, that sea level can increase quickly.

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