Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable


Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is one of life’s biggest lessons, to reach out of your comfort zone and experience new things. Aside from it being a huge lesson, it’s also a common and relatable one too, many people will talk about how life begins at the end of your comfort zone. It’s not because they’re trying to make you believe in something that’s not real, but because we all have our own stories to tell about reaching out into the unknown, or what I call ‘the void’ to truly experience what life has to offer using the abilities that you have to offer.

And yes, that entire paragraph may just sound cliche, but despite that, there is a reason behind why so many people, just like myself, here and now are incredibly eager to tell you about reaching out of, and away from comfort. That reason is that by staying in the same place, whether that be physical, mentally and/or spiritually, you’ll never be able to grow or learn new things about yourself as a person and the world around you.

This whole concept that I’ve outlined relates very neatly to change, we as humans want to seek change but we within ourselves don’t want to change. This itself is a vague idea until you realise that there is a much deeper debate to be aware of here, a debate between spontaneity and stability.  

Although there is a nothing wrong with choosing the latter option since it’s only natural to want security for the long term, it’s also a downside in that we would choose the latter option even if it means sacrificing our own personal growth. It’s more comfortable being in a place that’s familiar with and that you know is secure for the long term than one that’s unfamiliar and insecure. Though this is in relation to physical places, the same can be said for our inner selves. 

Change is difficult and scary, and even more so when it’s about ourselves. But change itself isn’t necessarily something to fear. It’s something to embrace with open arms knowing that whatever kind of experience you’ll be exposed to, it’s always for the better.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable”

  1. This was an amazing read! I had to go to some other city for my university and I was left totally outside my comfort zone. And honestly, there is SO MUCH I discovered about myself!

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  2. I really relate to this post! I try to embrace change and truly think it is the most important and exciting part of life. Coming from such a small town I can absolutely agree with how important it is to get out of your comfort zone to see what the world has to offer.

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  3. I agree completely! There is so much out there waiting for us, we just need to take a risk and step outside the comfort zone. I personally did one huge change and since then i cant imagine my life settled. I need some adventures and thrill 🙂 great read!

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