The Pursuit of Perfectionism


Human beings, as you already know are a very advanced species, we grow, we develop and we evolve. Yet this isn’t limited to recent generations it’s something that has occurred throughout history, and although I speak of the natural process of evolution our growth can also apply to our mentality. 

Many of the things we do, whether it be work-related or for our own personal benefits, we mostly complete to a high standard. And, of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with completing a task to a good standard. Not only does this showcase our abilities to the people around us, it gives us the motivation to work towards a higher standard the next time we are required to complete a task. However, this perfect standard that we aspire to can become a huge problem when it becomes an obsession that cannot be controlled.

This harmful state of extreme perfectionism can be seen when the individual refuses to accept anything that is deemed less than perfect to the point where the purpose of the task is missed. Despite this enhanced perfect standard, the process of working towards the task and hence the end result can be worse, not only does it decrease our efficiency in that a simple task may take hours to complete, it can also mean the task itself may never get completed as the so-called ‘perfect’ moment has not yet arrived.

Now that the main elements of extreme perfectionism have been identified, is there any way that we can avoid falling into the trap? One important way is to understand that making mistakes, whether it be related to work that is being produced or a personal goal, is necessary in order for an individual to grow and learn from their mistakes. Another important aspect is when working on smaller goals, never lose sight of the bigger picture, and to always keep track of the end goal and what it is that you want to accomplish.

Always remember that perfectionism isn’t an ideal, if needs be, make all the mistakes in the world and let yourself grow. 

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Perfectionism”

  1. Hey WLA,

    You make some good points about perfectionism. Though I would mention, focusing on the big picture is part of the issue. A big lesson for perfectionists is the ability to learn self-acceptance and acceptance/acknowledgement of one’s accomplishments on the journey toward a goal.

    Furthermore, perfectionism (in relation to meeting others expectations) correlates with suicidal thoughts.


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