What exactly is the Law of Attraction?

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The Law of Attraction is a concept that I always knew of and believed in, yet I was unaware that the beliefs it encompassed could be simplified into a short term. Though I knew of this it’s something I’ve come across again in books, in Youtube videos and in talks by inspirational leaders.

The concept itself is simply ‘like attracts like’ (but as with many philosophical ideas, it can be linked to various other concepts), the belief that focusing on certain thoughts will bring certain experiences into your life, whether this is positive or negative. What you are is what you attract.    

If this is a fundamental concept with a simple meaning why am I bothering to mention it? The reason behind it is that it relates to what I’ve recently written about in terms of being able to achieve success. The law of attraction in relation to ambitions and goals suggests that by having a positive attitude and visualising your-soon-to-be accomplished dreams, a chain of events is set into motion where dreams become plans, and plans become tangible methods, and these methods lead to actions, the most important aspect of reaching a goal.

The law of attraction also links quite nicely to self-belief, whereby having a positive mindset you’re more likely to have the motivation and hence determination in order to succeed. However, the opposite is also true in that having a negative mindset doesn’t give you any motivation or determination leading to no action being taken and unfulfilled goals.

So the law of attraction is related to and works in relation to many other concepts, but its importance lies in seeing it as a singular concept. Simply that by understanding your inner state, whether it’s positive or negative, affects the world around you and also your experiences of things.

However, it’s also important to note that an individual is not always happy or sad, emotions are very fickle and can change rapidly depending on multiple factors. By knowing that happiness is a choice you can change your mindset and also your experiences, your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂


8 thoughts on “What exactly is the Law of Attraction?”

  1. very well written! I practice this myself! and the impact is tremendous! the correlation between law of attraction, abundance, mental state-of-mind promotes the healthy living state. yes negativity tends to attempt to creep in, but the more you stay true to the goals. the negativity will bounce right off!

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  2. True…But sometimes, this philosophy can fail.. just because you are kind to people does not mean that the same will be reciprocated. It is a cruel world and people are cruel. But I guess the most you can do is be the best person you can possibly be.

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