New Potential Life Goals?


If you’ve read my last post, which was an update of the important life lessons I ended up learning in June, you’ll realise that I  wanted to learn more about myself. The ways I did this was through journaling and listening to myself more often than I’d ever done before.

One major aspect of my life that I gave a lot of thought to was my goals, what did I want to achieve in 5 years? 10 years? or even much further down? This was pretty difficult in that I was in two different mindsets, on one hand, I started a BSc degree in a subject that I’d previously enjoyed studying back in sixth form, and on the other, I had a started my blog which I considered to be an important relationship between myself and the online world where I could share parts of my life and the experiences that I’d been through.

For the past year, I’ve felt like I’ve had to decide between one or the other. For example, at the start of every new semester, I paid more attention to my blog because the workload wasn’t much and I was getting used to a new schedule and new modules. Yet, when exams came around, my degree held more importance and my blogging fell back drastically so that I was posting maybe once or twice a month and the quality of such posts were sub-par.

As you can imagine, it was difficult to find a balance so I began to ask myself whether it was possible to choose one over the other, and ultimately I couldn’t, both these aspects of my life, although challenging at times, I held very close to my heart.

So I asked myself something else, would it be possible to combine both? After doing much research (basically using Google to answer all my questions),  I found the world of Cyberpsychology where I could combine writing on the internet with psychological aspects and theories. This also links to another smaller life goal which involves me contacting different major companies and writing online blog posts or articles for them.

After learning that I could potentially combine the two major aspects of my life that I loved, I became more open to other opportunities that I was previously blind to. And, most importantly, more willing to jump into many of the good opportunities that I was given. 

Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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