Summer Update #1

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It’s already been a month since my summer holidays started, at the start it felt a little surreal in that I had finished my first year of university and that I’d have months of free time on my hands. As you can imagine, just a few days in I was pretty bored and ended up lazing in bed or, in some extreme cases, sleeping the day away. After trying to explain to myself that even though this may seem like the ideal way to spend summer, it really wasn’t doing me any good nor did it benefit me in any way.

After a few weeks of lazing around (yes, it really did take me that long to stop being a lazy person!!) I decided to put some effort into writing, for me, this can take many different forms, from the words you’re reading right now as part of my blog to more personal pieces like daily journaling.

When I was younger I was that child that was excited to keep a daily diary but no matter what I failed after the first two days. So instead of writing my daily activities which would eventually make a boring read, I decided to get in touch with my emotional side and write what I was feeling. Not only did this help with relieving stress, it helped me gain insight on what I’m like as a person.

After realising the spiritual and emotional benefit that writing had given me, I decided to explore what I find to be the biggest mystery, myself. Despite inhabiting my body and being with myself since the day I was born, I find myself a difficult person to read and I always have. To do this, I did the one thing that in all honesty, scared me the most, spending time along with myself and writing to discover more about who I am as a person. At the start, this was difficult in that I don’t enjoy being alone but I kept this habit up and soon enough I was comfortable being in my own company to the point where I felt happier in who I was.

So to anyone feeling at war with themselves, I’d recommend listening to yourself and your feelings and to understand them in the best way you can. Grow to love yourself, you are the person you spend every waking minute with. 

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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