Why is happiness important?


Happiness is one of the many complex emotions that we, as humans find very difficult to put into words. There isn’t a way to directly explain it apart from linking it to the release of endorphins but this doesn’t tackle the emotional side of things. Instead, we prefer to relate feelings of happiness to memories, special occasions and even the people we hold dear to our hearts.

The most commonly asked question in relation to happiness is whether or not it actually matters? Some believe it’s a minor part of life that doesn’t hold the same significance as other parts and others believe that happiness is the important aspect that needs to be present so that a person can lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

Unlike other emotions that we encounter such as pleasure, happiness is more than just fleeting, as to live our lives to the fullest we have the capacity to turn the negative emotions into positive ones, which is essential as we are emotional beings whose actions are constantly affected by what we feel. However, to lead a happy life does not mean that we should ignore our negative emotions or deny them completely. Having to deal with these negative emotions is only human and the way happiness relates to this is it helps up cope with the bad times.

Yet this isn’t the only reason as to why happiness is important, recent studies conducted by scientists found that being happy has a huge impact on other aspects of our lives. For example, being happy is linked to maximising productivity in the workplace, also those who reported being happier had better immune systems compared to their less happier peers. Most importantly, happier people are more likely to positively contribute to society through voting, giving to charity and actively participating in charity work.

As Aristotle said, “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” yet at the same time it isn’t something that can heal us completely. We all fall upon bad times which can lead us into even worse situations, yet the benefits of becoming a happier person outweigh the costs and can lead us into much better places.


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