Nightime Thoughts #3


It’s so easy to slip away into the darkness, to let the negative feelings overpower you in such as way that you’re left feeling weak and vulnerable. Don’t surrender, the darkness is only temporary… 

The presence of the dark sky at night can bring a sense of comfort to some but for others, it can also bring a sense of dread. I consider myself an individual, who has, over time fell in love with the hours of darkness which is a pretty surprising thing since it was something I was afraid of for quite a long time.

Before I sleep moments of my life tend flash before my very eyes. This includes everything from embarrassing to downright stupid moments that have occurred over the past 18 years,  something I’m sure everyone can relate to.

But, every night is a new night where my mind contemplates a different situation. Recently my mind has thought up some uncomfortable situations ones where I’m a failure at almost everything I attempt to do, such as broken friendships because of the way I am as a person. As you can probably imagine this really doesn’t put me in a good mood for the day to come nor does it help me fall asleep any faster.

However, I have been able to come to terms with it, it’s not easy to block out negativity especially when you’re alone with your thoughts with nothing to occupy you but the night sky. But you can do one thing, you can have hope that things aren’t always as bad or as troubling as they may seem. Have faith. Understand that these feelings are temporary, just like the darkness, a new day will come and with it new possibilities and new feelings.

At the end of the day, you can either focus on what’s tearing you apart or you can focus on what’s keeping you together. 

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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