For when it’s hard

Sometimes pieces don’t need an image to advertise them because they come from a place of raw emotion, a place that’s undeniably real.

This isn’t the beginning nor is it the end. I know it’s hurting, it hurts so much you can barely breathe but one day you’ll get a breath of fresh air. You are so much stronger than this, I know you are because you’ve seen every disaster and picked yourself up.  Not everyone has the strength or courage to do that. Not everyone lives to see another day. And I know you don’t think you deserve to but you’re more than your pain, your sufferings and your hardships. Why are you ashamed of opening up? Is it because you’ll be judged or is it the fear you’ll be seen for who you really are? My darling, that was never the real you. Please believe that you’re so much more. Please believe in you.


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