CW Prompt #3: How do you view your life?

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Hello everyone and welcome to the third piece of creative writing where I describe my life as a novel and as a battle…

How do you view your life?

  • A Journey
  • A Battle
  • The Seasons
  • A Novel
  • A Race
  • A Performance
  • A Carousel
  • A Stroll in the park

I view my life in two main ways, as a novel and as a battle. My life is unique to me, there is no other life like the one I’ve been given and the one I’m living. Despite all its ups and downs it’s still pretty magical, like that of a novel.

Every word on every page is filled with vivid descriptions, descriptions that capture the essence of my life and by extension, my soul. Like any other novel, the adventures are plenty, each one giving lessons and memories that can be replayed for years to come.

My stories are relatable, pick up the book of my life and you’ll read chapter upon chapter and realise that I’m not perfect; going through life by making mistakes. And don’t forget, there are many twists and turns on this journey, and with every calamity you’ll see my strength multiply.

My life is also a constant battle, a battle against my mind and as if that wasn’t hard enough, against the world. Every day I rise above what my mind tells me, only to find myself crashing back onto the floor. It’s hard.

Yet, like any battle a struggle is inevitable before any type of victory. How else does one grow stronger? Battles create open wounds which turn into scars, and these scars, whether visible or not have had a huge impact on my life and also, on me. And like any soldier I’m proud to wear them, not to show I’m superior in any way but to show that I’m still alive.

Despite anything and everything, I see myself as a survivor of a long and a hard battle, a battle which sometimes cannot be overcome in one single fight. But one that continuously needs to be fought, giving strength with every victory and scars as a reminder that life is not easy, nor will it ever be. Just keep fighting, you’ll make it. 

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂


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