Letters to Myself #4


Hello everyone, this is the fourth post in the series, Letters to Myself where I speak about both changing and accepting life.

Dear Me,

The life you’ve been given, the one you’re living right now is a gift, a blessing that you should cherish. This, I know goes without saying and I know you’re going to seem a little annoyed that I had to mention that, yet I don’t blame you one bit: Life is hard, truly and honestly, and it will suck at times. But these times aren’t permanent, and you know that you have the strength to overcome them.

Yet there is a slight flip side to this, by accepting your life wherever you are at this moment in time you are finally releasing yourself from the struggle. By accepting that life itself is imperfect you become liberated, you understand that ‘perfection in life’ is a myth, it simply does not exist. By understanding that there are things that are beyond your control, you look at failures and misfortunes as opportunities for a brighter, better beginning.

But don’t be idle in the face of change, accept that you have the power and the responsibility to do something about the things you are able to change. By choosing the latter not only are you changing your mindset but you’re giving yourself the chance to be exposed to new challenges, to new experiences that will inevitably enable you to grow.

Life acceptance and life changes are difficult to come to terms with, mainly because they aren’t easy, static issues that can be resolved quickly. They’re more of a lifelong challenge that will crop up, sometimes out of nowhere and you will have to resolve them. Just don’t be afraid, everyone else is going through the same thing too.

From, Me

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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