New Year, New Me?? #1

New Year, New Me--.jpg

Hello everyone and welcome to the very first post of 2017!! I hope you’ve all had a good winter break and are looking forward to the year ahead. This is the first of a two-part post about New Years Resolutions talking about the unnecessary limitations of starting on January 1st…

 The whole “New Year, New Me” is a that typical saying that comes around every year along with the many resolutions people intend to keep. Yet the majority to fail, most commonly within the first month. Now that probably isn’t a surprise to most people, it’s almost as if these resolutions were made to be broken, something that maybe you yourself have experienced.

Yet one thing I fail to understand is why we need to have these so-called New Year’s Resolutions, are the changes we want to make really just limited to the 1st January? The short answer is no. Despite this, we, as human beings are just so committed to starting our new, supposedly life fulfilling goals on that one particular day. A reason for this is that the goals we intend to keep and the way we chase our goals gives us more pleasure than actually putting in the effort we need to achieve them.

And this is where we go wrong, planning our goals gives the brain a sense of direction and clarity which in turn clears our head reducing potential stress and anxiety. Yet when the time comes to put the goals into practice we shy away, giving excuses and reasons as to why we cannot do them.

So rather than putting an emphasis on “New Year, New Me”, why not stop and consider the fact that we do have the capacity and the ability to change, whenever we want to. Having said that it’s not always necessary to have goals and keep them. However, if you wish to, remember to take in to account that we are flexible creatures, once given the motivation or once the sense of discipline has been achieved we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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