2016: Year in Review

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Hello everyone, this post will be the last post of 2016 where I reflect upon myself and the experiences I had. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you next year with a lot more content…

The year 2016 was definitely an emotional rollercoaster of a year, many people have already seen it as the year that will go down in history with it famously being called ‘the year that shall not be spoken about.’ Despite many of the shortcomings that have occurred over these past twelve months, there is always a silver lining, a glimmer of positivity that we can focus upon.

For me 2016 was a learning experience, a year of growth and a year of so much change that when I look back to the type of person I was in January 2016 I can hardly recognise myself. To me, this change in myself and of myself makes it an incredibly significant and positive year.

As I’ve previously mentioned the start of the year was difficult due to a number of personal reasons, and with the added stress and expectations of A2 mock exams, my situation was pretty dire. Fast forward to April 2016 and I’m on holiday and feel at peace with the beautiful surroundings and deep within myself I sense a change.

Soon after came the dreaded A2 exam season, now these were hugely important to me since they would determine whether or not I would be able to attend university. As I’d imagined exam season flew by and so did the nerves and stress that came with it. The summer which ended up being several months long was when I decided to commit to writing as an official hobby; mainly because I needed to fill up the hours which otherwise would’ve been lost to doing nothing.

However, it also provided me with a distraction from my own self because before I knew it, I was slipping back into old habits. Disturbing scenes would flood my mind and I felt enslaved within myself, longing for some type of relief. It was at this point I realised I didn’t need to feel like this anymore, I did, and still do have control over my thoughts and feelings and despite everything I should choose happiness. It was because of summer 2016 I was able to make a positive change to myself, to grow and to learn and to realise what it meant to feel happy within my own skin.

After A Level results day, in which I found out I was actually going to attend university, the weight of the world on my shoulders suddenly seemed a little lighter. Perhaps things were finally going my way. Looking back on it now, I’ve come to realise that for this to have happened I had to go through possibly the most toughest moments I’d ever experienced in my entire life.

So now, back to the present day, December 2016. I’ve finished the first semester of university and I can certainly say that I’m genuinely a better person, both to myself and to others and I could not be more proud of what I’ve accomplished over this past year. These past few months of meeting new people and gaining new experiences has positively impacted my life. And now the only thing I wish for is for 2017 to be good, to all of us.

So here’s to a better and more fulfilling 2017.

See you all next year!!

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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