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Hello everyone, this is going to be a short, quick update on the changes that I’ll be making to my blog that you will be see over the coming year…

The initial focus of this blog was a space for me to write, to express freely both the life experiences that I’ve had and the emotions attached to them. From the comments and feedback that I’ve been given, in real life and online, I realise it’s been helpful to many people and that they’ve enjoyed reading them.

However, recently I’ve wanted to slightly alter the focus of what I write about, I’ve decided to change my outlook and open myself to writing in new, more creative ways. Even though I’ll be keeping and adding to my posts about life lessons, I’ll be branching out in other ways too, for example:

  • My Creative Writing prompts series
  • Writing letters to different people for different purposes 
  • Life Updates and evaluating current changes
    • Making Monthly and Seasonal Updates 
  • Updating my Nighttime Thoughts series

If there any other ideas or transformations that I decide to make, watch this space and you’ll be notified about them as soon as possible. Thank you reading and I hope you have a wonderful day, wherever you are.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂 

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