CW Prompt #1: Days of the Week

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Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve last posted mainly because this blog has been undergoing quite a few changes and this here is one of them. This is one of the first pieces of creative writing using prompts that I’ve found, and since I’m slightly tweaking the focus of my blog I thought it would be a good change to make a whole new series surrounding it. 

This prompt was very interesting in that it made me visualise how the days of the week would be as actual, living people. We all know how some days should just *NOT* exist (yes, I’m looking at you Monday!) and how some other days make us feel on top of the world… most of the time anyway. Perhaps some days would be more outgoing than others or even just give off a completely different vibe as a whole.

So, to you I present the days of the week as viewed by me:

Monday, to me is just that type of person that gives off the most positive, energetic of vibes yet no one really cares about them because they’re very annoying at times. They always seem to scream ideas of how a new week is something we should all look forward too; but honestly we’re all too busy trying to cling onto our happy, happy weekend memories that really shouldn’t have ended.

Ah, Tuesday, a wonderful person, so you’d think. They try so hard to follow in the footsteps of Monday but fail spectacularly since they’re a little too lazy and being productive is just too much for them. nevertheless, every week they try and try again with hope in their heart.

Everything turns upside down when it comes to Wednesday, they start to gain the focus they need for working and get down to business; with all the hard work they put in everything in life just goes well for them. But don’t be fooled by the productive nature of Wednesday, if given the chance to be, they’ll be lazy and become seriously sleep deprived.

Thursday is a person who’s probably on the brink of life and death; and because of that we need a moment of silence for Thursday. The amount of work that’s built up and the amount of caffeine that’ll be consumed by them is almost deadly. The erratic and easily startled personality they have gives way to more and more sleep deprivation and panicky moments.

Finally, we get to Friday, the happiest, most joyous of days, they continuously forget all their responsibilities and focus on the weekend ahead, rushing to make plans with whoever they can get their hands on.

The weekend, Saturday and Sunday are twins who are nothing alike, the fact that they are polar opposites makes people forget how close these two actually are. Saturday is a huge party animal, and never, and I mean never turns down an opportunity to party, drink and hang out with friends. Despite the crazy things that go down, they live with zero regrets, at least they try to anyway. Sunday, is a quiet lazy person, who just relaxes in bed all day as a reward for making it through another painful week. Little do they know, a huge pang of regret will follow them once they realise how unproductive they’ve been.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂 

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