My Heroes


Hello everyone and welcome back, recently I’ve had my life changed by many new people which inspired me to write about what it means to be a hero…

What does the word ‘hero’ mean to you? Perhaps it springs to mind all the classic fictional characters you’ve ever come across, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and countless more. Despite the differences in style, speech and storylines; they have a few things in common. Simply that they exist in a world of treachery to help their local citizens and that they have unimaginable powers to assist them.

Yet, that’s not always true, a ‘hero‘ is typically defined as an admirable person with qualities that make them remarkable in what they do. These qualities don’t necessarily  include super strength and agility, but something that every single one of us possesses.

Kindness and humility.

Just because we don’t live in a fictional world doesn’t mean heroes don’t exist. If you look closely at the world around you and the people who live upon it, you’ll realise we have heroes of our own. And no, they don’t wear specific costumes or have special catchphrases; they are ordinary people with ordinary lives. With one very remarkable feature, they possess kindness and humility.

Every single person you’ve ever seen has had their life changed and has changed someone else’s life. This is the beauty of humanity, the ability to be a hero, the ability to have a positive impact, the ability to improve lives with one single act.

So what does the word ‘hero’ mean to you? To me it means that every individual is a hero in someone else’s story and even quite possibly their own. Because ‘helping a person will not necessarily change to world but it will change the world for that person.’

Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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