Nighttime Thoughts #2


Recently I was writing a blog post, the 4th one in the series Letters to Myself and whilst in the middle of giving myself some advice, I stopped. I tried to continue but I couldn’t; maybe I was just having an off day. But then it hit me, I wasn’t at all prepared to write this. And now I’m here rambling because my brain cannot comprehend how to write about ‘change’.

Change really is a funny word, it can make people feel things all across the spectrum of emotions. Sometimes change is hard for people to hear because they’re at a certain stage in their lives where change is necessary but extremely difficult.

And that’s where I am today.  I’m changing, you’re changing, we’re all changing and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. It really is inevitable. And that scares me a lot. I’ve always been the type of person to ge used to something and when things change it becomes hard to accept and even harder to move on.

The changes that surround me do scare me, but most of all, the way I’ll change scares me even more. I don’t know the type of person I’ll become, or who I’ll be with or even where I’ll be. The experiences that I encounter, some being more painful than others, will that change me for the better or worse?

I don’t know how to prepare for change and I know it won’t be easy; but I do know one thing.

I have a choice. I have a choice as to whether I let my past define me and keep me trapped whilst I begrudgingly move forward. Or I have the choice to let go, to let go of my fears and to grasp every opportunity I have with both hands.

So anyone who is reading this and is also scared; it’s okay to be afraid but don’t let that stop you from moving on and becoming an even better person. Move out of your comfort zone, and you’ll grow into something you might never have dreamed of.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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