Window to the Soul…

Blog Banner.pngHello everyone and welcome back to my blog, today I’ll be writing about what it means to have a window to the soul…

 How many times have you heard the saying ‘The eyes are the window to the soul’? Probably a lot I presume, but have you stopped to think about what it actually means? Well, neither did I, but with the help of the internet I scoured through pages and came across a few interesting ideas.

Firstly that it can be seen as a form of communication, by looking into someone’s eyes you can tell what that person is feeling  and in some cases understand the nature of their soul; without them even having spoken a word. And secondly, the way a glass window works is by giving you a view of the outside world, and the eyes do the same, they give you a glimpse of the person on the inside.

Despite this phrase still being used today, it’s a very traditional view of how you can ‘see’ into someone else’s soul and understand them. Yet with the growth of modern technology, the music industry and our ability to ‘share’ stories across the internet; more and more windows have opened up. Parts of our souls are scattered everywhere and you can find them if you know where to look…  

Currently, the most popular window to the soul is music; this includes both the person writing the lyrics as well as the person listening to it. The artist writes what they feel, the lyrics mean something important to them; almost as if it comes from a deep, inner part of themselves. The fact that they share it with millions worldwide, enables us to connect with the music in our own ways. Although we may not feel exactly what the artist felt, it triggers something inside us, and we leave a piece of our souls with that piece of music.

Another popular form of being able to see into someone else’s soul is through writing. For example, right now you’re reading this blog post which is being typed and translated by this software; yet ultimately the idea comes from inside me. Hence, this piece just like all my other blog posts are a part of my soul that I’m sharing with you. By understanding what I’ve written and the message I’m trying to get across; you can get a glimpse of the type of person I am.

The way a person writes what they feel is a form of self expression through which you too can understand their innermost feelings.  

Therefore I believe that the eyes are a window to the soul; yet there are not the only way you can understand a person and their emotions. If you look closely to what a person listens to, writes and even reads you get closer to knowing them.

Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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