What Success means to Me

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Hello everyone and welcome back to a new post where I define success and what it means to me…

If you’ve ever come across my older blog posts, you’ll know I reference failure in numerous ways. Whether it be personal experiences or tips and tricks, failure is something I consider important for growth and self improvement.However, success is just as important in leading you to where you want to be and accomplishing your goals.

So what is success? Success means different things to many different people. In fact, there are so many strands to success, it’s impossible to cover them in a single, concise blog post.  Academic/work, personal and social success are just a few!! Just like everyone else on this planet, I’ve experienced a combination of these, but what does success truly mean to me?

One word. Happiness. To me being successful in life means to be happy, above all else.

Yet that wasn’t always the case. I’ve been through many different phases of life where success equated to being intelligent, having popularity, having to look beautiful. Over time, I realised this was all so artificial, so fake and only ever contributed to my vanity. Neither did it truly mean something, it didn’t make me feel anything.

And then I realised it’s not about life itself, it’s about the way you feel. Happiness s something that’s never come easy to me, but when it does; I start to feel something deep down. It feels like an awakening, in that very moment I no longer feel fatigued, but as if I’m walking on air. My heart feels like it could burst out of joy, something I’ve never really felt, until now.

Although for me success equates to happiness, it’s more to do with being happy with myself, with who and what I am. Hence, being happy is a lifetime goal and it’s something we should strive to achieve, together.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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