A Level Results Day & University Admission

Summer update #1.png

Hello everyone and welcome back to a long awaited post of mine, what A Level Results Day was like for me…

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I’m from England and I’m 18 meaning soon enough I’d receive my A Level Results. *Shudder* And soon enough I did. As I’m sure everyone else who has also received some form of exam results, it is nerve wracking and honestly quite painful.

I’d been in what I like to call an ‘ignorant bliss’ for about 2 months and was enjoying my summer, for the most part. The dreaded day then approached. These past two weeks felt like a blur, mainly because I was stressed and unable to remember what actually happened.

All I remember is waking up at 4am in a panic and trying to prepare for Clearing, this is a system you enter if you don’t end up going to your firm or insurance universities and involves calling up several universities and trying to obtain a place. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for this because phone calls give me anxiety like nothing else.

However, things took a turn for the better, the UCAS online system, which is where we get our confirmation/rejection letters opened 20 minutes early at 7.40am for me. Meaning, I hadn’t reached sixth form and was still on the bus. I remember shaking whilst typing in my username and password only to find I got accepted into my first choice university!!

As as you can probably imagine, I cried and cried. Luckily for me there weren’t many people on the bus considering it’s still summer vacation. I kept thinking how much my blood, sweat and tears paid off this past year. After calling my parents I walked into school, still in a huge state of shock but with a huge grin, to collect my results.

And, guess what? I didn’t get the results I was hoping to get but the fact that I had tried so hard gave me some kind of comfort. I was in a huge state of disbelief and kept refreshing the page on my phone thinking I hadn’t got the right grades but I guess my GCSE results and personal statement did, in fact, pay off. But in the evening, I did get the an email with my confirmation letter and a call from a student ambassador which instantly calmed my nerves.

It just goes to show if you work hard at something and believe in yourself, life helps you along the way…

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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