Letters to Myself #2


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I’ll be writing a letter to my older stuff (this should be fun…)

Dear Older Me,

Congratulations for making it into adulthood!! because honestly I never thought I’d get this far. There are so many things I want you to accomplish, it’s a little insane but knowing your ambitious, determined self I know you can do anything if you put your mind to it….

Growing up was very difficult for the both of us so I hope you’ve made peace with your past and are living life, wherever you may be. As much as I hope you’ve found a stable job with a good income, my only hope is that you’re happy; happy with your life, with your friends and your career.

I want you to have seen a bit more of the world, met strangers with the most interesting stories to tell and experienced many different cultures. I want you to fight for what’s right, help people around the world and explore what places have to offer. I know you’ll be overwhelmed with amount of opportunities that come your way, so step out of your comfort zone and grab them as firmly as you can.

I also want you to have carried out some meaningful research and published it; because even if you help one person, that’s still a pretty amazing achievement. As you can probably tell, I expect quite a bit from you but even if things don’t go as you’ve planned, take comfort in knowing that you’ve already accomplished so much as a person and I commend you for that.

Remember to take pride in your achievements because they’re yours, and you’ve gone through so much just to get where you are today...

Love from, Your Younger (and more hopeful) Self

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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