Letters to Myself #1


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, this week I’ll be doing a two-part series called Letters to Myself, I’ve seen many different variations of them and I thought it would fun to try!!

Dear Younger Me,

Life sucks, I know that’s kinda harsh since I know you like to be the optimistic one but you’ll get used to it one day. Just remember life isn’t trying to single you out, it’s unfair to everyone in its own way.

Very soon you’ll meet a wonderful group of friends who’ll support you and you’ll won’t lose touch even when you grow up, no matter how worried you get. Speaking of friends, a few years after that you’ll meet more wonderful people and you’ll share these amazing conversations about anything and everything (just remember to sleep even if it’s late at night!)

I know that right now you’re struggling, the stress of school really gets to your head, and you can’t stand not doing well. Well this is where it kinda gets sour  but believe it or not, you get stronger and stronger and (SPOILER ALERT!!) you make it. Life is what you make of it so don’t spend all of time buried in textbooks and study guides because no matter how hard you, you’ll fail at some point. It’s inevitable. Yet with every failure, you’ll only become better and better, fact.

And all those times you spend in the mirror or staring into your front camera wondering if you’ll ever be beautiful, you’d better stop because you are beautiful whether you believe it or not. I know self love is not something that comes easy to you but one day, just one day you’ll stop wondering and start believing, resulting in much better self esteem and confidence.

Finally don’t change, a very simple philosophy and kinda cliche. But it’s true, all those times you tried to change your personality because you felt out of place will backfire. You’ll revert back to your true self because that’s who you were meant to be all along, and one day you’ll be just fine with that.

I know there were many one day’s in this letter but just trust me, one day it will all fall into place and you’ll understand all the reasons as to why life took you on the path that you’re on. Everything happens for a reason, remember?  

Love from, Yours Older (and hopefully wiser) Self

This was honestly very thought provoking and even very little of what I needed to include (I’ll be venting again soon, believe me!!) Stay tuned for my next post Dear Older Me…

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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