What to blog about in the summer…

Summer Tag 2016.jpg

Hello everyone, today I thought I’d share with you blog post ideas for the summer with tips on how to spice things up!! Stay tuned because I’ll be doing some of these myself:

Summer Skincare Routine (this is a good one to do if you’re normal routine changes in summertime, incorporate images of products and summer-y items)

Summer Hauls (take this further by creating a Summer Look-book, not only is it fun to get outdoors but it’s fun to take pictures too)

The Summer Tag (I’ve done this recently, it’s a great way to have readers get to know you better)

Summer Makeup Routine (Like the skincare one, if you have any changes add them to a post along with makeup tricks for the summer)  

Summer Day in the Life 

Summer Mood-boards (add in your favourite images, quotes and colours to create wonderful collages, give tips on editing too)

Summer Playlists (An effortless way to update your blog in the summer, add in links to your playlist sites like Spotify and 8tracks)

Summer Bucket List (this is a great way to keep yourself accountable and get all your summer adventures done)

Summer Goals (like the suggestion above, list your goals and keep yourself productive by getting them done, not only with you feel refreshed but you’ll have an amazing summer too)

Summer Fashion (if you have outfit combinations, specific colour schemes or even favourite fashion pieces, you might even inspire someone else)

These are all my current summer ideas, if you try any of these out please comment and leave feedback below, it’ll be much appreciated

-Whenlifeawakens 🙂

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